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Are you using JudoShiai entry system frequently? If yes, you should register your email address. With registration you can:


       Get rid of automatically generated user ids and passwords

       Manage and modify your entries with one user id and password


REGISTER! (Instructions in PDF-format)


The process is easy. Subscribe, confirm and login.

If you don't create your account and/or don't login, the system works like it has worked before.


From now on you will see Login or Subscribe link in every JudoShiai entry form. Press "Subscribe" link.



You will be guided to your registration page.

        Fill in your user id which is your email address.

        Select your password. Make sure you can remember it easily but it's hard to guess.

        Fill in your name and press "Send" button



When you have done that, the following screen will appear. Read it and you can close it.



Go to your email system. You will find there a mail from our system.

It should be there immediately after you created your account.

(If it's not there please check your spam folder.). Open the mail.



The mail in your inbox looks as follows. There are your details.

Your login name (=your email address) and the password you selected.

There is also a link for confirmation your account. Press that link or copy

it to your browsers address bar.


After pressing the link in your mail will appear a following page and your account is

ready to use.



Sign in to your new account and you'll be guided to that entry form where you

started this process.



Now in the entry page there are your login information. When you make new entries

make sure that the email you enter to the form is the same you created your account.

(Usually the entry system remembers your email but just in case make sure that both

email addresses are the same)



Make your entries as you have used to do before. There is no change with it



When you have logged in with your new account you'll get access to every entry

which is made with your email address.



Press the "change/delete" link and you are guided directly to your entries.

No generated user id or password is required.


This new account you created works with all JudoShiai entry forms.


Please try it. All feedback is welcome. admin@judoshiai.fi





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