What is JudoShiai


JudoShiai software has been developed by Mr. Hannu Jokinen in co-operation with Erkki Jokikokko. Our first aim was to give tools to standardise judo tournaments in Finland and give all the organizers a good software and opportunity to upgrade the quality of their judo tournaments.

During year 2009 almost all major tournaments, Judo Finnish open, Junior Finnish Open, Finnish Championships for Cadets and Juniors etc. were held and run with this software. Allso a great amount of all kinds of domestic competitions were held with the software during 2009. Allmost the whole Finland has adopted this software to run their judo tournaments.

Our other aim is to get this software internationally used and give the benefit to the whole judo community (Jita Kyoei=for the mutual benefit). The first major step to go abroad was in February 2010 when a big junior tournament was held in Tallinn, Estonia. There has allso been a growing interest in Sweden of this software, and some seminars has allready been held.

The software is OpenSource and we are waiting You to join our community as a user or as a developer and help the whole judo community to run and organize better judo tournaments all over the world.

JudoShiai software helps arranging judo tournaments. JudoShiai consists of the following programs:

  • JudoShiai: Tournament planning, drawing, results printing

  • JudoTimer: Clocks and scoreboard

  • JudoInfo: Information display for the announcer and audience

  • Windows XP and Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 together with Linux are the supported operating systems.

    Main features


  • Tournament.

  • Tournament has a name, place, and date.

  • Database can be copied over the network from another JudoShiai program.

  • Results may be printed on the paper or make PDF files; or create a web page.

  • Results can be printed in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

  • Web page look can be modified by editing the styles.css file.

  • Automatic web page update (real time results service). Together with a web server the competitors can check their situation. Abyss Web Server is one of the free servers.

  • Weigh-in notes printing.

  • Competitors. Many automatic functionalities help in typing work.

  • Automatic category definition based on birthyear, weight, and gender.

  • Automatic club name completion after a few letters.

  • Competitors can be added from an old tournament database with or without weights.

  • Competitors can be added selectively from another tournament.

  • Removal of unweighted competitors.

  • Removal of empty categories.

  • Competitors data can be fetched using bar code (or just by typing a short number below the bar code).

  • Categories.

  • Categories can be added from another database.

  • Automatic categories composing. Competitor is moved to the category he/she belongs according to his/her weight (only upwards).

  • Two competitor categories can have one match or best of the three system.

  • Supported systems: Pool (2 – 5 competitors), Double Pool (6 – 7 competitors) and Double Repechage (8 – 64 competitors).

  • Automatic placement to 1 – 8 contest areas.

  • Automatics creates groups composed of three categories. Matches are fought one group at a time. Manually it is possible to place and group categories what ever is the best.

  • Manual and automatic drawing.

  • Automatic drawing fulfills the international rules.

  • Drawing takes country into account if it is written after a slash character ("Our Club", "Our Club/FIN")

  • Definition of categories (age, weight, contest and pin times).

  • JudoTimer control. JudoShiai sends next macthes to the JudoTimers and receives the results if connected to a network. There are no need for the secretarial work to update the sheets!

  • Embedded web server.

  • Ment to be used if it is not possible to install new software to a laptop computer.

  • It is possible to follow and control a tournament using a web browser.

  • JudoTimer functionality is available as a Java applet.

  • Password prevents unauthorized access to the tournament database.

  • JudoTimer

  • Can be controlled by using a mouse or a keyboard.

  • Contest time clock.

  • Osaekomi time clock.

  • Sonomama/yoshi.

  • Background colors either blue/white or red/white.

  • Contest duration time can be set either manually or it can be set by the JudoShiai program.

  • Supported contest duration times: 2 min with short pin times, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min; or whatever is received from the JudoShiai.

  • Hantei and hansoku-make.

  • Several scoreboard layouts.

  • Manual clock adjustment.

  • Osaekomi scores are saved in the memory till the referee accepts them.

  • Undo. Two last timer start/stops or scores can be undone.

  • User interface in Finnish, Swedish or English.

  • Category and the names of the competitors are visible in the scoreboard display if the program is used together with the JudoShiai.

  • Old and new year 2009 rules are supported.

  • Another JudoTimer can serve as a slave over the network.

  • JudoInfo

  • Shows the next matches.

  • First match in a category

  • Medal matches

  • Search from JudoShiai