What is open source JudoShiai

JudoShiai is Open Source

Open source means, that you're able to get the source code of the whole family of JudoShiai application. It's including the source code to JudoShiai, JudoTimer and JudoInfo. From now on every person with programming skils can correct bugs, add new functionality or suggest new features and functionality to the programmer or the group of programmers. It's a great benefit of open source.

The source code of JudoShiai is now available in Source Forge development environment which is the largest community of the programmers and projects in the world. SourceForge offers www-hosting and several tools to update and maintain the project.

In SourceForge there are over 230 000 registered projects and from now on JudoShiai is one of them. We wish that we can get together an international programmer and user community to develop and use this excelent software.

From the SourceForge pjoject pages, you'll find all essential technical information, manuals, downloads etc.

Please note, that the pages of SourceForge are fully written in English.

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