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This year Seniors are allowed in the competition!
This year it is possible to make double entries to different age categories!

Please send your entries not later than Wednesday 13th of May 2020 thank you

BUDO-NORD Cup 21.5.2020 Lund, Sweden

Row Nbr Club Country First name Last name Belt/Grade Category Camp
11Vejle Judo Klub DEN/DenmarkIdaJAKOBSEN1k G18-70Yes
21R.k.judo ClubGBR/Great BritainBenBARKBY1k B18-55Yes
32R.k.judo Club BenBARKBY1k M21-55Yes
43R.k.judo Club KateCHISHOLM3k G18-40Yes
54R.k.judo Club KateCHISHOLM3k G15-40Yes
611. Schweriner JudoclubGER/GermanyKimTEPELMANN1k W21-78No
721. Schweriner Judoclub YvesTEPELMANN1k B18-81No
81Umf SelfossISL/IcelandArnarARNARSSON4k B15-66Yes
92Umf Selfoss ClaudiuSOHAN2k B18-73Yes
103Umf Selfoss Davķš GUŠMUNDSSON4k B15-60Yes
114Umf Selfoss ElmarŽORSTEINSSON4k B15-55Yes
125Umf Selfoss FilipSZAFRANOWICZ2k B15-55Yes
136Umf Selfoss Heišar BENEDIKTSSON4k B18-66Yes
147Umf Selfoss JakubTOMCZYK1k B18-73Yes
158Umf Selfoss JakubTOMCZYK1k M21-73No
169Umf Selfoss SaraINGÓLFSFÓTTIR3k G18-52Yes
1710Umf Selfoss StyrmirHJALTASON4k B15-60Yes
1811Umf Selfoss Vésteinn BJARNASON2k B15-60Yes
191Sportschool GoederaadNED/NetherlandsCaitlin BINNENDIJK1k G18-63Yes
202Sportschool Goederaad ElineVAN NIEKERK2k G15-63Yes
213Sportschool Goederaad Eric ZWAAN3d Only campYes - Coach
224Sportschool Goederaad FrankHERMSEN2d Only campYes - Coach
235Sportschool Goederaad GianlucaMARRAZZA1k B18-66Yes
246Sportschool Goederaad IndySPITS1k G18-63Yes
257Sportschool Goederaad LarsLEUVERINK3k B15-60Yes
268Sportschool Goederaad ZhenVAN MECHELEN2d M-73Yes - Veteran
279Team Gouwe Sports DorienPOHL3k G15-57Yes
2810Team Gouwe Sports JeroemKONING, DE1k Only campYes - Coach
2911Team Gouwe Sports LarsGOUWELEEUW2d Only campYes - Coach
3012Team Gouwe Sports MaritKONING, DE2k G18-48Yes
3113Team Gouwe Sports StormVISSER3k B15-66Yes
321Iksu Kampsport Och JudoSWE/SwedenJohanERIKSSONOnly campOnly campYes - Veteran
332Sverige Alfred VELUT2k B18-81Yes
343Sverige ArminDIDIC1d M-90Yes
354Sverige Axel OSCARSSON1d M21-90Yes
365Sverige ChristianHATESAULOnly campOnly campYes - Coach
376Sverige DaniélLEGRAF2d M-66Yes
387Sverige DoganaAMIN KHALLOUF1d M-90Yes
398Sverige EbbaSTRAND2k G15-57Yes
409Sverige EmilJABIYEV2k B15-66Yes
4110Sverige EmilPOBOG-BRIS1d M-90Yes
4211Sverige ErikHATESAUL1k M21-90Yes
4312Sverige ErikJOHANSSON2k M-90Yes
4413Sverige GustavJÖNSSON1k B18-81Yes
4514Sverige Hedvig JÄGERVALL2k G18-70Yes
4615Sverige HilleviKARLSSON2k G18-57Yes
4716Sverige HilleviKARLSSON2k W21-57Yes
4817Sverige JariSASSIOnly campOnly campYes - Coach
4918Sverige KarlBAKEROnly campOnly campYes - Coach
5019Sverige LisaLINDBERG1d W-63Yes
5120Sverige LisaLINDBERG1d W21-63Yes
5221Sverige LucasHERNANDEZOnly campOnly campYes - Coach
5322Sverige LudvigSJÖVALL1k B15-55Yes
5423Sverige OscarLARSSON1d M-81Yes
5524Sverige OssianKULLMAN2k B18-60Yes
5625Sverige SajadMOHAMMED ALI1d M-73Yes
5726Sverige VictorEK1k M21-81Yes
5827Sverige WilliamMILLER2k B18-66Yes



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