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This year Seniors are allowed in the competition!
This year it is possible to make double entries to different age categories!

Please send your entries not later than Wednesday 13th of May 2020 thank you

BUDO-NORD Cup 21.5.2020 Lund, Sweden

Row Nbr Club Country First name Last name Belt/Grade Category Camp
11Iksu Kampsport Och JudoSWE/SwedenJohanERIKSSONOnly campOnly campYes - Veteran
21Sportschool GoederaadNED/NetherlandsCaitlin BINNENDIJK1k G18-63Yes
32 NED/NetherlandsElineVAN NIEKERK2k G15-63Yes
43 NED/NetherlandsEric ZWAAN3d Only campYes - Coach
54 NED/NetherlandsFrankHERMSEN2d Only campYes - Coach
65 NED/NetherlandsGianlucaMARRAZZA1k B18-66Yes
76 NED/NetherlandsIndySPITS1k G18-63Yes
87 NED/NetherlandsLarsLEUVERINK3k B15-60Yes
98 NED/NetherlandsZhenVAN MECHELEN2d M-73Yes - Veteran



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