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Hi, If You are using or know that someone is using this software abroad outside of Finland, we would be very appreciated to get a link to the results. Every new country "on the map" will give us power to go on and make this software even better in the future.

(We have NO intention to make a worldwide judo competition result page. The only meaning to update this page is just for fun to see where this software has spread and when it was first time used in some particular country :)

Please give us Your hints :)

18.12.2011, U13 and U15 XI Starptautiskais Ziemassvetku turnirs Aluksne, Latvia
17.12.2011, U17, U11 and girls XI Starptautiskais Ziemassvetku turnirs Aluksne, Latvia International Chirstmas tournament Aluksne, Latvia

24.10.2009 Eesti MV Combatis, Tallinn
20.2.2010 Tallinn Cup and Abloy 2010
07.03.2010 Andres Lutsari mlestusturniir, Tallinn A-klass - C-klass
12-13.2.2011 Tallinn Judo Cup, Tallinn
25-26.2.2012 Tallinn Judo Cup, Tallinn
17-18.3.2012 Voru Kevad, Voru

6.3.2010 slandsmt U20 og U17 2010 JR
13.03.2010 slandsmt U15 og U13, Akureyri
8.5.2010 Nordic Championships Seniors, Reykjavik, Iceland
9.5.2010 Nordic Championships Cadets U17 and Juniors U20, Reykjavik, Iceland

9.2.2013 Adidas Challenge, Bors, Sweden
29.9.2012 Junior SWOP, Stockholm, Sweden
26-27.5.2012 Nordic Championships, Lindesberg, Sweden
17.5.2012 Budo-Nord Cup, Lund
21.1.2012 Norr-Cup I, Gvle
17.9.2011 Junior Swedish Open, Stockholm
2.6.2011 Budo-Nord Cup, Lund
2.4.2011 Srmlandstrffen, Oxelsund
19-20.2.2011 Kadett & Junior SM i Norrkping
1.5.2010 Senior SM Stockholm Judofrbund, Haninge, Torvallahallen
25.9.2010 Junior SWOP, Stockholm
18.9.2010 Syd Cup 3, Malm

1-2.10.2011 XIII Warsow Open, Poland


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