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Södra Judo Open II Saturday 21st April 2018 in Haninge, Stockholm
Klubbar från Sverige ! Var vänliga och gör era anmälningar HÄR ! Tack  
Entries not later than Friday April 13th 2018.
 PLEASE NOTE! Only clubs can register competitors NOT individuals.

Camp for competition actives: On Sunday, 22/4, a training camp with two training passes for contestants will be organized with focus on randori. Both camp and competitions are part of the national team's 2018 annual plan and both activities will be under observation with representatives from the national team in place. The activities are aimed primarily at U13, U15 and U18.

We would like to welcome everyone to both the competition and camp. Those who are more interested in technical training during the Sunday are welcome to attend Judo4All exercise in Torvalla Dojo between 10-12.

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