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  • JudoShiai software is designed and programmed by Mr. Hannu Jokinen. JudoShiai software has been the foundation of all Finnish judo competitions since 2009 when first tournaments were held using this software. During years 2009 and 2010 Mr. Erkki Jokikokko was the "ambassador" of the software - testing it in dozens of tournaments and giving his opinion of new features to be built in the software. During these early years Erkki was also invited to have many seminars abroad. It was the era when www.judoshiai.fi site you are using right now was born - Original and The One and Only!

  • During 2010's JudoShiai software was spreading globally via internet. Now every major tournaments also in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia and Latvia are held with this software.

  • Annually there has been over 320.000 visits in www.judoshiai.fi web portal.

  • JudoShiai software is open source. It means that it can be downloaded and used with no fee - free of charge. The amount of downloads is over 23.000 since year 2009. There are over 150 active countries. Biggest amount of downloads are located to Sweden, Finland and United States.

  • Hannu Jokinen has never done a real ukemi. He has no background on tatami. When his little girl Anniina Jokinen started judo and competing was Hannu "forced" to be an official in club competitions. He was surprised that there was no good software available. Now we know the story and what happened after that. JudoShiai software was taking it's first steps. During her judo career won Anniina altogether six Finnish titles in varying age categories.

  • Erkki Jokikokko is a long term black belt judoka. During last eight years he has focused on coaching. His sportsman called Henri Määttä achieved his first ever adult Finnish Champion title in city of Turku on May 20th 2017. His category was M-66 kg. Before has Henri won altogether 7 Finnish titles in juniors and cadets. During these years has Erkki coached and worked with approximately ten sportsmen who have acchieved over 20 Finnish Championships medals of different colors in cadets, juniors and adults.

  • No organization has supported us with the development process of the software and maintaining our web page www.judoshiai.fi. We are at this stage on our own - as a result of hobbies of Hannu and Erkki. No financial support - not a dime. And don't even try to calculate working hours those two dudes are spending annually to serve you and judo community.

  • You can support us by donating - give us a gift. How does it sound to give 10€ both to the projects annually? Even €uro would help. It's a small amount of money to spent for using services we are creating and maintaining to you. It will also help us making further development. Think!

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