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Athlete Analyzer Judo - An excellent tool for judokas and coaches

Athlete Analyzer is a computer and smartphone application for judokas and coaches. It helps the coach to make good training programs and judokas to follow their own training and development. With this application the athlete records his/her fights and sends them to the coach. The coach analyzes them. The athlete can also easily and quickly fill in his/her training diary and communicate with the coach. Athlete Analyzer application simplifies the coach's work and optimizes judo training of the athlete.

Athlete Analyzer Judo is a Swedish innovation. The idea of this product came from Mr. Nicklas Björklund who is a coach in Borås Judo Club. Now all Swedish national teams from cadets to adults are using this product in a daily basis. The Swedish judo has been very strong during the recent years. Marcus Nyman, Anna Bernholm, Tommy Macias, Martin Pacek, Joakim Dvärby etc. have been standing on the podium in dozens of Grand Prix and Grand Slam tournaments recentry. This product may be one of the reasons for this success?





  • Upload your match videos directy to Athlete Analyzer
  • Tag specific match situations like points, shidos, ne-waza etc
  • Get high precision feedback from your coaches
  • Register your training quick and easy
  • Find your strengths and weaknesses
  • Take your judo to the next level
  • Unleash your potential
  • Organize your work and save time
  • Analyze the progress of your judokas
  • Watch match videos and provide high precision feedback
  • Plan and share individual training programs
  • Collaborate with other coaches
  • Smarten up your coaching
  • Get your judokas to the next level

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Athlete Analyzer gives the coach the ability for "organic" programming to match the fast pace needs and the almost instant feedback the athlete needs to take into the next training session or event. It would have been a very welcomed tool for me both as an athlete and a coach especially on the World class level.
Neil Adams MBE World Champion 2x Olympic Silver Medallist 5x European Champion 21x British Champion etc.

Athlete Analyzer has made planning and analysis for the Swedish national team both valuable and efficient. It plays an important role in the development of Swedish judo.
Robert Eriksson Head Coach, Swedish National Judo Team

Athlete Analyzer is a powerful tool to easily analyse my contests, but also to keep track of my training planning and complete the training diary at the same place.
Martin Pacek Swedish National Judo Team

Good bye excel! Athlete Analyzer is a brilliant tool which gives me the possibility to monitor and organize the development of the athletes, all through one dashboard. It gives us a great possibility to work closer together as coaches.
Albin Dal Sports Director, Norwegian Judo Federation

To get your judo to the next level, you can't only fight and train hard on the tatami. You also need to analyse what you have done! With Athlete Analyzer all that is possible!
Moustafa Abu Ramada Swedish National Judo Team

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